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SMART Technology - a SMART Investment in our schools

SMART Boards create extraordinary moments in the classroom. They are touch sensitive, computer-interactive boards that allow teachers and students to manipulate lessons and make them come alive by bringing the power of the Internet and multimedia resources to the classroom. SMART Boards are designed to:

  • Engage and excite students in learning
  • Stimulate collaborative learning among students
  • Make abstract concepts concrete by providing sensorial stimulation for children
  • Help teachers deliver high impact lessons that bring learning to life for children of any capability
  • Allow teachers to be flexible and responsive to students' varied learning styles


Funded by the Spinnaker Foundation, MTES was outfitted with six SMART Boards (one class in grade levels 1 - 4, the art room and the math specialist room). It was a HUGE success. Teachers who received the SMART Boards found that it was an exciting way to animate, expand and convey lessons. Students are excited, engaged, and eager to participate in each lesson using this new technology. Ask your child about their experiences with the SMART Boards and ask your child's teacher about the SMART Board technology and the increased learning opportunities it brings to our children. See reverse for thoughts from our administrators and teachers.


Raise $85,000 by June 15, 2010 to equip classrooms in the Middle and Elementary Schools with SMART Boards before the start of school in September and allow teachers to develop lesson plans that incorporate this exciting new technology over the summer. Now is the time to invest in our children with technology that will accelerate learning and maintain our competitiveness with the many other districts that already have this technology.

$200 per family will let us reach our goal
$3,000 will outfit a classroom
$12,000 will outfit a grade

Any donation helps move us closer to our goal!



"In preparing our students for the 21st century, SMART Boards possess the opportunity to transform learning experiences that will more closely mirror the world our students will face in their future. The traditional forms of teaching and learning alone will no longer suffice. Our teachers need technological tools, such as SMART Technologies, to bridge the gap between content knowledge and real-life application."

— Kristopher Harrison, MTSD Superintendent

"SMART Boards provide teachers and students with on-demand access to interactive technology that effectively and efficiently demonstrates, simulates, and illustrates curricular content in a highly engaging manner. The applications for such technology are limitless and I therefore most wholeheartedly support the MTEF's SMART initiative at Mendham Township Middle School."

— Dr. Patrick Ciccone, MTMS Principal

"SMART Board technology in the classroom will be a tremendous asset to all students. At the elementary level, the use of interactive white boards motivates students and raises the level of student engagement in the classroom, as well as promotes enthusiasm for learning. This technology appeals to a variety of student learning styles and assists with teacher preparation and productivity. I truly believe that integrating SMART Board technology in the classroom is a significant contribution to the education of our students. I truly support the Mendham Township Education Foundation as they endeavor to provide these opportunities for our students."

— Cara Allen, MTES Principal

"What a great tool! The SMART Board allows students to be more involved in my lessons by allowing them to manipulate work on the board with the touch of a finger. I can print out any notes we take as reminders about the learning."

— Allison Klacik, 3rd Grade Teacher

"The flexibility and the scope for imaginative lesson planning is huge. Learners show increased motivation and enjoy the interaction the technology offers."

— Diane Barlow, 4th Grade Teacher

For more information contact Jennifer Malmberg at 908-234-2843 or